View Full Version : why are plumbers and electricians so bloody unreliable and hard to get??

9th Jul 2008, 11:43 AM
ive spent 2 months trying to get a bloody plumber to hook up my rain water tank to my toilet, founf one, booked him 3 weeks ago for today, he said he would be round at 8am and its his first job. its 10am and i call him asking where he is, he said he has another few job on today and will see if he gets time he will be around late this afternoon.

i told him i have a line up of work that needs to be done and thats waiting on him to finish his job before the other stuff can be done, i book him 3 weeks in advance so he gets here when i want and the ass doesnt show up and doesnt know when he can get here if he cant today.

electrician earlier in the year, same thing, booked him 2.5 weeks in advance doesnt show up, week alter he finally arrives.

again, another plumber earlier this year, book him 2.5 weeks in advance, come out look at the job, says too hard and he has more important stuff on that day, says will be back tomorrow and never comes.

BLOODY ANNOYING, no wonder people do their own work illegally.

9th Jul 2008, 11:57 AM
Im not making excuses here but,
plumbing work is always nearly an emergency.
blocked drains, water everywhere etc.

so they are maybe putting you off because of that fact and then work gets backlogged.

Still not an excuse when you have pre booked.

Im just putting it out there

9th Jul 2008, 01:03 PM
IMHO the simple fact is they're too busy to care.

I'm lucky enough to have found a great plumber who lives a street or two away. He's not cheap, but he shows up when he says he will. But it took about 10 other plumbers to cancel/not show up before I stumbled on him.

As for sparkies, well I pretty much gave up ever finding one. Then I found out a mate's brother is one. He's never available, but at least when he says he'll come he does, and he's reasonably priced (but I help with some of the work).

9th Jul 2008, 04:55 PM
Plumbers...my brother is a plumber and I have been waiting for him to come for 2 weeks too...and I pay him.:;

Metal Head
9th Jul 2008, 05:20 PM
Hi Wozzzza,

I can relate to your frustration. try running a block of 16 flats and with all the problems that can cause:wink:.

As TJay said they are too busy to care about us buddy - just a number:(. I off between jobs atm and I am doing my own electrical, plumbing, painting etc work. The misses is happy because although I might not be as quick as them the job is usually a lot better and less stressfull:wink::).

What gets me though is they don't even have the courtesy to ring you to let you know they are running late or at worse they won't be there at all:(( - at least if they did you might be lucky enough to get someone else to come out instead.

I was let down the once by an electrician but (by chance) I noticed one working across the road from our house. Having popped over and spoke to him he came over and did the job within 30 minutes for a reasonable price. Later on that day the sparkiee turned up to do the job but I told him I had got someone else in given that he hadn't been kind enough to phone and explain why he hadn't come?. Gee did he go bonkers or what....
These type of tradespeople get what they deserve:wink:.


9th Jul 2008, 06:00 PM
Geez there must be some ordinary tradesmen in the lower half of the country! It is a bit ordinary though booking a bloke three weeks in advance and having him not show up, I mean its not hard to pick up the phone and say Im gonna be late 'cause the shyte hit the fan etc. etc.
Maybe you fellas are ringing the wrong blokes, or perhaps its the way you come across on the phone:wink:
I like to tell people straight up if ive got too much on or not interested but give them the number of another bloke.
You get pretty good a picking a PITA over the phone so they get palmed off also.:D
C'mon fellas we're not all that bad!

9th Jul 2008, 07:11 PM
whats a PITA?
any way the d00d finally came late in the afternoon, 3pm, enough time to rip my dunny up and plant the new one without the cistern and said dont use it for 24 hours, i will be back tomorrow all going well to finish it. im not holding my breath.
but yeah, he could have atleast called saying he would be 3/4 of a day late.

9th Jul 2008, 08:57 PM
whats a PITA?.

Pain In The Ar......

10th Jul 2008, 11:45 PM
First thing I will say is that I'm an electrician.

Second thing I will say is that the vast majority of tradespeople I have ever met have NO IDEA about customer service.

It's not rocket science, but most just don't get it. The locksmith I called a year or so ago looked really surprised when I turned them away, me pointing out that they were an hour late for a 15 minute job, had denied how late they would be when I called half an hour earlier and I had to leave now. Hopeless...

Metal Head
10th Jul 2008, 11:54 PM
C'mon fellas we're not all that bad!

Wonderplumb you get good and bad people in all walks of life.................except plumbers are there any other good ones in your area except yourself?:wink::D.

11th Jul 2008, 01:45 AM
Wonderplumb you get good and bad people in all walks of life.................except plumbers are there any other good ones in your area except yourself?:wink::D.
:U:U:UNah!:D Seriously but there seems to be a concentration of plumbers in my area, and I will say that most of them that I know are good blokes, and a few that are f**k wits, but they're in every trade.
Oh and lets not forget Ren'ee, if you seen her on the beach there is no way you'd have her pegged for a plumber!

14th Jul 2008, 10:05 PM
No its some electricians and plumbers that bite off more than they can chew /take on more than they can handle they tell and promise the customer they will be their the customer agrees virtually commiting to the electrician so they dont chase other sparkies who are actually desperate for work this is just a classic way of stockpiling business and is rampant through all trades!!!

16th Jul 2008, 03:03 PM
its why you hold onto the ones you get and dont @@@@ing lose there number.

My current plumber is a mate of my fiancees dad, he isnt cheap but he is fair, always shows up and his work is great. He had an average subbie for a while but has changed that around now.

My sparkie is half retired, but always shows up and is cheap. Never installed an automated lighting system before but i managed the low volt side and explained what each of the 240 setup did he managed the boards and runs to suit. I am dreading the day when i ring him and he says nup fully retired, means i gotta go on the hunt again.

i think allot of small tradies could do with having access to a 1/4 time or less secritary, they could track jobs, field calls, chase payment. With good technology they could remotly monitor progress call the customers, setup next spot on GPS with details that kinda stuff.