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    Default Best timber for a deck

    I have to replace a small area of deck that is exposed to the weather and starting to rot from the ends ( it's a triangle section with a join across the middle so there are 4 ends per run) It won't be long before there is no end support so need to do soon. What is the best timber for exposed decks? and is it true decking material is not supplied in 80mm width anymore?
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    IMHO...brushbox is still the best decking timber. But I haven't seen it widely available for such for nearly twenty years. There's plenty of re-milled recycled options around though...even 80mm
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    Tallowood is also a great option, But 86 mm wide is the normal width

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    I like Tallowood but it can be difficult to get hold of as would my suggestion Ironbark. Try Big River Timber
    FYI they have an office in Sunshine Coast
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    I would be looking at a durability class 1 material such as spotted gum or ironbark. If you go for the 120-140mm wide boards stay away from the 20mm or so thick as they WILL cup. instead go for 35mm thick and secure with batton screws. Finally treat with a good decking finish. I personally find Cutek preservative up there with the best of them and a recoat takes no time with prep being a simple clean prior to applying.

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