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synthetic turf over decking?!?!?!

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    Red face synthetic turf over decking?!?!?!

    Hi all,
    this one is a bit of a doozie but I am going to ask anyway!!

    We have a small area - about 3.6m x 4m of decking area with two corners cut on the diagonal that our spa sits in (area is considerably less when you account for the spa).

    Has anyone got any suggestions on laying synthetic turf over the decking?

    I was thinking something along the lines of laying blue board on top of the decking then the synthetic turf on top of the blue board??

    What issues could be faced with doing this?

    Or are there other materials that could be used? And if so, what ? What would I use to fix the blue board / synthetic turf down with (or other materials as suggested by yourselves)

    Any thoughts welcomed?

    (sorry to the traditionalists out there, I am looking at making a little bit of paradise LOL)

    Many thanks,


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    Don't do it. Paradise will turn into hell, that stuff gets hot as in summer.

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    Thanks for the reply. I did a swag of research last night - so much to choose from!!!... Technology has come a long long way since the 70's (very different from the cheaper astro turf) tho and it will be under shade anyway... I think u get what you pay for with this stuff... and I think a rubber infill (the ball stuff) doesn't help with the heat anyway.

    still continuing with my research ...

    but back to my question - has anyone done this installation method?



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