I have an external balcony (6 m x 1.5m ) that is a continuation of the normal house floor, the balcony floor is just normal yellow tongue 19mm particleboard sheet flooring. The edge of the balcony has a small raised wall approx 150mm high and flashing has been fixed all around, I have a drain in the centre of the balcony and therefore need a way to create fall to stop water ponding.
What would be the best way to waterproof and finish the balcony without tiling? Should I use a mortar bed to create fall to the centre drain and then waterproof with a trafficable water proof membrane.
Do I need to put cement sheets down or Compressed Fibre Cement Sheeting?
Does anyone know if there is a trowel on product that would do the lot?
The finish I would like is some sort of texture, sandy or pebble finish.
Thanks in advance for your feedback.