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Bonethane Splashback?

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    Default Bonethane Splashback?

    Has anybody had experience with Bonethane as a splashback - price conmparison, DIY'ablility and effect.

    Is apparently available from Bunnings (but not at my local) and has a promotion giving away a sheet of starfire glass for behind the hotplate area with each sheet.....

    This is the link to the website....I am not quite ready for the other kitchen reno yet but looks interesting and I would like to keep the options open.....so if anybody has used it whatcha reckon?

    Welcome to the World of Bonethane

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    seems pretty expensive, i would go the extra cost and go all glass
    its the "vinyl wrap doors" of splash backs as far as i am concerned.

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    We are nearing the pointy end of our kitchen renovation, Yay!!!, and have used Bonethane as a splashback. Have found it easy to work with and easy to install. Once it's all finished will post a picture but we are really pleased with the way it looks.

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