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Old jarrah flooring with gaps in, how to fill?

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    Default Old jarrah flooring with gaps in, how to fill?

    G'day renovators. I am about to attempt to fill in spaces in old jarrah floor boards. I have been told that there are gaps in the flooring as when it was laid (60's) the boards were green and were not meant for a finished visible surface. I am going to fill the gaps inbetween the joists with black sikaflex 290 which I have read is a good flexible sealant. Is it best to seal all gaps first and cure then sand or sand first, then seal? I know that the product is sandable just worried it may clog the sanding sheets.
    Any info or recomendations would be greatly apppreciated.
    Thanks Pleb.

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    It will probably clog the sanding belts but I recommend filling the gaps before sanding, then if you need to refill some gaps (as you will need to) you can do it when/as required.
    Just remember if you fill the gaps the boards will swell and contract due to moisture ingress and seasonal changes, the filled gaps may look raised during humid weather or in winter time.

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    The best way to fill the gaps with Sikaflex is to do the rough sanding first and level off the floor, do all the filling including nail holes, and then fine sand with 80 grit. If the Sika has dried completely it won't clog the sandpaper.

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