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Fixng a bowed plastered wall?

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    Default Fixng a bowed plastered wall?

    Howdy, I am very much a novice to this world of structure improvement/repair. I have recently remodeled my living room and now have a problem with the plaster on one wall.

    I had the picture window (52" x 40") removed and replaced with a 5' x 6' picture window. When all was said and done the window was installed off center of the room. Contacting another window installer I had the window removed and centered properly. The space left was repaired very nicely except for one small 14" x 5' section; they didn't do plastering.

    I was going to replace the plaster in that area the other day and realized there is a sizable inward bow to the adjoining area. The bow makes about a 1/2" difference in the center of the wall surfaces, tapering to evenly match the top and bottom areas.

    What is the best way to fix this? Sand down the plaster and then do what? Or just plaster the exposed area to match the bow????

    The wall is constructed of lath and sheetrock with plaster on top.

    I'd like to complete this before the cold weather sets in here.

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    Hi pauprint welcome to the forum. Do you want to fix all of the wall, or just put up the new piece to match what is there as best as possible?

    Being in Australia I am not sure what your "lath and sheetrock with plaster on top" means exactly? Is the plaster glued, screwed or nailed to the sheetrock? Can the plaster be removed easily?

    Some more details would be helpful as there is excellent advice available on this forum.

    Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work 'Aristotle'

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    Default Fixing a bowed plastered wall

    The wall has three layers in its' construction, like a sandwich: a base of lath, then an sheet of I guess you call it gyprock, then there is a layer of plaster on top of the gyprock sheet. I have no idea how the plaster was installed and have no idea how easily it can be removed. I assumed it is just smeared on there. I told you I am a novice.

    I don't want to remove the whole wall, I'd just like to repair the portion that is exposed but don't know how to handle where the wall is bowed out..

    I was told to take a spackle compound, not plaster, to fill the area in and that is what I was going to do until I saw the bow in the wall.

    Would really appreciate any help I can get.


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    An outward bow is a lot harder to repair than an inward bow or dip. An old saying is "you cant fill a bump".

    There are really only 2 options and both are not that easy. The best option IMO for a handy man, is to get a nice straight edge and using masonite packers pack out the wall either side of the bump and re sheetrock the wall. Start again with a set coat over the top of the sheetrock (another US and UK habit). Here we just flush finish the joins.

    You may find it best to get a tradie in to do the set coat.

    The second option is to "float" the wall out level usiing a nice straight edge and setting plaster from bump to outer edges onf the wall. The bump will still be there but you wont see it. This option is requires a really good tradie that knows what they are doing.

    Without seeing it this is the best advise I can offer you. Other options may be available but hard to say without seeing the problem first hand.

    Cheers Rod.

    P.S Would like to know how you go!

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