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    Default Can you dye grout?

    HI everyone

    A friend of mine wants to have PINK grout. Flouro if possible. Can you add dye to the grout mix, and if so what type?

    Of course if you could buy it (havent seen it on my previous sane coloured grout buying trips) id love to know.

    Those guys from this years Block have a lot to answer for with their red bathroom...!

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    the answer is yes you can dye grout - the following site talks about staining it -

    bright colours seem to be in the minority for grout .... the following (USA) site has a huge range of colours

    but with experimentation you might be able to mix fluorescent pink colourant with dry grout powder and obtain the desired result.

    I do have to ask whether or not it is the best thing to do though. Colours in bathrooms date horrendously ... and I'm not anti bright colour ... I speak as someone who once went to work in london wearing - fluorescent pink skirt, fluorescent yellow t-shirt, fluorescent yellow socks and finger nails painted alternate fluro yellow and fluro pink ... and of course London being London no-one batted an eyelid.

    Sods law says your mate will get his/her bathroom looking great and then have to sell it suddenly ... and then the great bathroom will suddenly become a liability .... and who wants to spend an entire weekend re-dyeing the grout or scraping it out and replacing it with white :eek:

    If there has to be a bright pink accent then use towels, a feature wall, shower curtain, flowers in a vase, rather than the grout. but then i'm probably turning into a boring old fuddy duddy .
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    IF you search hard enough, you'll probably find a supplier with a bright red, or at worst a burgundy colour grout. Try mosaic specialists in particular.

    Mix them with white and muck around a bit till you get a terrible candy colour which won't be fluroescent, but will be genuinely ghastly.

    If you were really adventurous you could try using a white water-based powdered grout, mixed with fluorescent poster paint.

    Be warned that fluorescent dies are not particularly colour fast though (which may be a good thing!).

    Easiest way would be to do it white, and go over the grout with a highlight pen!!

    I was recently at a presentation given by a valuer who gets to see inside lots of houses, and he commented that the TV lifestyle shows have a lot to answer for.............See Jackie's comments above!


    Is this one of those "Of course I wouldn't be seen dead doing this, but I have a friend..." sorts of questions?

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    G'Day JasonM,
    You might try somewhere which sells Concrete Additives.
    Those places which cater for Patterned Driveway concreters.

    Though I do not know if Flouro is possible.
    White [Titanium Oxide] and Red, 'should' give pink.
    A little pigment change makes a VERY big colour difference.
    Measuring has to be accurate and oxide ratios EXACT!!

    Hit them up for some Flouriser.
    Let them do some work and see what they come up with?


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    No doubt that adding dyes to grout is possible, but I think it would be easier to use white and apply stain when dry. There are many grout stains on the market, and you can mix them to provide the colour you need (both the links in jackiew's post above refer to staining). I have done this in the past - easy to apply using an old tootbrush!

    Not sure about fluorescent though - you might try adding some washing powder, as it contains fluorescing agents (makes your whites whiter!). But it may cause other undesirable effects. Worth a test though.

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    Your local tile shop will be able to supply you with the relevant goodies. Afterall that's what they are there for

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    Thanks for all the advice I will firstly try (again!) to talk him out of it and then try white with a dye when its done. To give you an idea of the contxt, he is planning a hot pink benchtop, black tiled splashback and pink grout in his kitchen. I told him it would look like a brothel but I think thats what he wants...and no Bitingmidge its not me! I just did my bathroom as a first ever attempt at diy getting all my info from forums like this one and friendly store operators and he wants to have a go. By the way mine was white!

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    Strewth! is he colour blind?

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    Default check out

    Hello everyone.. yes, this is a biased comment as I work for the company.. but I wanted to recommend our product to the community. With our product you can either revive your current grout color or change your grout color entirely using our grout colorant. Grout colorant is also sometimes called grout dye or grout paint. It all means basically the same. Your grout not appear painted and will retain it's grout like appearance. We have an extensive color chart OR we can custom make any color for you. Please contact us for custom colors. You can check out the links below for more info.

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