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Fixing Tiles over Waterproofing Membrane System

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    Default Fixing Tiles over Waterproofing Membrane System

    Hi all,
    need some quick advice - I'm re-tiling the shower and have a question.

    I've removed the old tiles, and applied Bondall Aquatite Waterproofing Membrane System (that thickish Elastomeric paint stuff....) to the walls.

    I was about to fix the tiles back with Supamastic mastic adhesive but reading the fine print (which I should have done in the shop!!!) it says "Must not be applied directly over cement, timber or WATERPROOFING MEMBRANES" (my emphasis) :eek: D'oh!!!

    So I investgated further.

    The Bondall Aquatite can says it can also be used as permanent tile adhesive - which sounds OK - it will sure make things very waterproof ) but I'm curious about application.

    Should I apply the Aquatite as thickly as the tile mastic stuff? I have a 6 mm spreader for that, would I just use the Aquatite in the same way as regular mastic adhesive? The Bondall website is silent on the "how" - it just repeats that it can be used as tile adhesive.

    Any suggestions most welcome.


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    best bet is to go to your supplier for a tech data sheet for whatever product you are using (not much help on a Saturday night, I know ). I would assume you simply apply the stuff with a notched trowel like any other tile adhesive BUT do you really want to trust your tiles to my (or anyone else's) assumption? If you can't get a hold of any hard information before Monday and you're really itching to get things moving (or maybe you're really itchy from not having a shower for a few days! :eek: ) you might want to run a test on a few tiles just to see how it applies and how quickly or otherwise it dries. Good luck,

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    Generally DON'T mix waterproofing and tile adhesive brands/ systems.

    Even if you do as Mick suggests, and test a small area, some failures can take a long time to show themselves.

    One of the larger adhesive issues took about three years of constant use to show itself!

    I suggest you get some Bondall adhesive and sleep soundly!


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