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Concrete vs decomposed granite driveway

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    Default Concrete vs decomposed granite driveway

    Hi guys!

    Im renovating a house that I plan on selling in the next few months. We are almost up to the driveway.

    It is a double layback + driveway, in total about 100 m2. In order to keep the cost down, we were thinking decomposed granite (about $1000 for roadbase and $1000 for granite), plus a bit for a wacker packer etc. The thing that has me beat however is the edging. I dont know too much about the strength of dec. granite, but I would imagine that if no edging was put in place between the granite and turf, if a car drives off the edge of the driveway, it would crack. Could anyone give some advice on this? Also, the drive is on a slight slope, will it wash away?

    The other thought was concrete. This was originally ruled out due to cost, but if we do the digging and formwork ourselves, it might be a bit more afordable. Thoughts: 10m3 of concrete $2k, mesh $300, then perhaps 2 concreters for a day to pour and finish $800. This is more expensive, but relieves my fears of erosion and cracks in the granite.

    Question: For 100m2 worth of concrete, is this 1 pour? Or would this have to be done over 2 days? The shape of the drive is pretty much a 'h' with the 2 laybacks.

    Appreciate any comments.


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    I have road base in my drive with a fall of about 500mm over 8 meters. No probs with it washing away.

    If you don't retain the edges it end up all over your lawn. I have old bricks on edge mortared in the ground

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