Termite damage repair

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    Default Termite damage repair

    I have recently decided to repair a bedroom that had termite damage from some years ago.

    I am just curious as to my repairs and how they would rate against "registered builders" repairs. This is not a slag off/comparo but a serious question.

    I have cut out two sections of damaged bottom plate (structural pine in a brick veneer slab on ground construction). I have decided to replace the damaged sections with treated pine. When I replaced the bottom plate there were small discepancies in the section width in that the studs now are 5 mm too short. I used two pine studs of 850mm length on either side of the existing stud so that they overlap by 845mm so to speak. I then clamped them and used 8 10G 100mm screws to fasten the three pieces together.

    Do you think I should have packed the centre stud to fill the 5mm gap?

    I also dynabolted the new bottom plate section to the concrete slab. It all seems like overkill I know but some of the repairs I have seen in my time as a building labourer showed there was no reall correct way of doing things.

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    I would have.

    Dont suppose you can knock in some 6 mm cement sheet. Maybe even some 5 mm steel/ally plate if 6 is pushing it. It certainally cant hurt.
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    I have a similar problem, the bottom plate in one corner, about 900 mm is pretty shot. The rest of the timberwork looks OK, and the damage is old. It won't recur.

    How did you cut out the damaged bottom plate section? Mine has 3 studs "sitting" on it, so how on earth to cut the old section out and the new section in?


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