Stopping water seeping/flowing under house

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    Default Stopping water seeping/flowing under house

    I have noticed water is seeping under my house from the front yard. I also suspect there is more than just seepage getting through as the dirt under the house looks like a decent amount of water run off has flowed through.

    I'm also looking at leveling the front yard and increasing the soil level by about 3-4 bricks height against the house (this will still be below the vents). Can I dig a trench in front of the wall and put in slotted drainage pipe with the cloth cover, cover with pebbles etc as though I've built a retaining wall?

    Should I also paint the bricks with some waterproof paint (to just below the soil line) to stop the water seeping through or should I place plastic against the wall / under the slotted pipe?



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    In all cases that I have found water pooling or flowing under a house it has been due to blocked / broken storm water drains, I would check carefully before thinking of an aggi drain.

    Regards Dave

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