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Cutting a circle in glass

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    Default Cutting a circle in glass

    I am under instructions to put a cat door in a glass window. Although I have cut glass from time to time I have never attempted to cut a circule out of glass. The window is 3mm glass. Can it be done in situ? Any advice on completing this task would be appreciated.



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    have done this before but not on 3mm glass i first tried to do on spare sheet but was thicker about 4.5mm cat door should come with paper template which i transfered to plywood affixed to glass with blutack then used as guide with glass cutter that worked etched out circle . now the fun part. first tried tapping out circle many pieces tried again this time placed sheet of glass on matches lifting up off flat surface tapped almost worked circle came out except for one small shard which when removed broke rest of it then did it again this time tried heating the etched circle and then applying ice didnt worked by this stage wife called glazier came out next day did job. i think he replaced the glass pane with a laminated one but not sure as was few years ago

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    Hi Warren, as I'm a glazier by trade I can tell you that it can be done in 3mm float, generally you would use thicker float or laminated. Any way the trick is not to take the circle out as one piece. Cut the circle then make lots of cuts inside the circle, taking care not to go out past your circle cut. Once this is done tap the circle from the other side to the side you have cut. Be patient as being in a hurry you will have to replace the piece of glass due to breaking it. Once you've got it out you may have a rough edge around your circle, and this is were you nibble the edge. Use a pair of pliers ( not ideal but will serfice. We use special flat plate pliers for this job ) and just gently nibble the edge of the circle to get rid of any little daggs left. Then if you want use some emory sand paper to sand the edge smooth. Hope this helps and good luck

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