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    Default Double glazing - has anyone installed Deceuninck or Everglaze windows?

    Hi everyone

    Has anyone had Deceuninck windows installed in the last few years?

    I'm looking to purchase from Everglaze (Melbourne) through a local window company.

    I'm looking at purchasing 4mm/16mm/4mm windows with argon gas.

    I'd be interested in your experiences regarding performance of windows - do they actually reduce your heating bills and reduce noise in your house?

    Maisie Moo

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    Havn,t used those brands, but we have installed UPVC double-glazed windows ( VISIONS® Vinyl Windows & Doors ) and ours do reduce heat loss in winter and gain in summer, and a great with cutting down on the noise.
    Have a look at my thread ICF extension project
    It shows an installation of one of the windows in my shed.
    These windows worked out at about $650 each, when our dollar was at .78US
    they are basically 1200x1800 sliders, both sides slide. Other styles are avail too.

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    Haven't used windows from those manufacturers, so can't comment there.

    For noise reduction, you are better off using two different thickness panes of glass (something to do with them resonating at different frequencies).


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