• Cleaning and Oiling your Deck

    Hi all .. I got bored Friday so decided to clean and oil my own deck for a change.. This then brought on the opportunity to photograph and note the stages for others as it seems to be a popular question..

    Firstly what you need to clean the deck:
    1) Bucket to put cleaner in
    2) A container of house hold Napisan
    3) A deck scrub broom available at Bunnies or Mitre 10

    Decking before cleaning ( this is the faded section i refer to later just inside the side gate )

    How to clean:

    Mix 1/3 of the Napisan container into half a bucket of warm to hot water and break down the napisan..
    Dampen the deck with water
    Apply the cleaner with the deck scrub broom giving a light scrub at the same time
    Let sit for 15 minutes without drying ( best to do with sun off the deck ) add more cleaner or a light water spray to keep wet
    Once 15 Mins is up apply a small amount of extra cleaner to make it easier to give a scrub..
    Give a really thorough scrub
    Rinse really well
    Leave to dry usually 24 hours

    The deck is now clean!!!
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    1. kylie939's Avatar
      kylie939 -
      I never would have thought to use Napisan. Good tip!

      I'm about to do ours so I'll give it a go, thanks
    1. Ned's Avatar
      Ned -
      G'day all,

      UteMad thanks for the advice on cleaning and other matters decking that this thread stimulated. I am in the processes of building a small ground level deck and have a stack of recycled merbau that I want to use. Unfortunately it is painted, which means a sanding job for me. Sanding each deck plank individually with a belt sander doesn't really appeal and I was thinking of laying the decking and using a floor polisher/sander from Kennards (refer KENNARDS HIRE - Floor Polishers) to remove the paint - them clean and oil the deck.

      Has anyone had to sand paint off a deck before and can you recommend the best way to go ?


    1. Ben +'s Avatar
      Ben + -
      THrow the decking boards through a thicknesser. If you don't own one, put the word out on woodworker's forum and somebody in your town should plane your boards for a carton of beer! This will save your a lot of time and money. Be sure to remove all nails before planing.
    1. Yul's Avatar
      Yul -
      Utemad, tried out the Napisan cleaning and it worked wonders, I do have a question about finishes, I have been doing a bit of reading and encountered the Flood' 100% acrylic Spa n Deck product, what is your opinion on this product.