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Transome leadlight

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    Default Transome leadlight

    Hi everyone,
    I've been browsing and came across the leadlight part of the forum, I don't visit the forum often enough, didn't know the leadlight section was even here. My wife did a leadlight course a while back, we bought a heap of gear and she's been practising on smaller pieces getting ready for some leadlight in our old 1880s house. We checked out a bunch of designs in various books and decided to pick the best & modify to suit our place. She finished the transome window & we fitted it last week. I'm quite proud of her efforts & thought I'd share a pic with you. She's finished glazing & soldering a matching piece for the front door but it's not ready to go in yet. Ill post that one later. Apologies for the picture quality.......
    Hope you like it, Cheers, Smokie!



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    Congratulate your wife on her fine work. Looks great. Real pleasure to be had by doing something yourself.

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    Thumbs up

    Nice one!

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    Default Stained Glass

    My wife just did that course too, and went and bought all the gear, as is her want!!!
    Now I just need to find something for her to glass up. Already have SG front door and surrounds.
    Perhaps I need to build a dresser for the kitchen?
    Hang on!
    that means I have to do something big to give her something small to do..
    And she'll get all the accolades for the glass.
    Strikes me as a trifle unfair...

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