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    Default Managing your own renovation

    Hey Everyone!

    I am looking for some insights regarding managing my own home renovation. I have been going back and forth between using a general contractor or just hiring the subs myself and saving the 30% of GC fees. I am an electrician by trade so I do have connections to some contractors. It will be a full kitchen upgrade. Thanks!

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    If you are not moving walls etc its a relatively easy job. Assuming you have access to a decent plumber for gas/water connections.

    Here in Australia at least if you take a set of measurements+ design sketch to a cabinetry place they can generate a plan and 3D drawing quite quickly.

    I've done it in the past myself roughly in order below.

    Take measurements - Do a rough sketch. Get quotes and settle on a supplier/design and check delivery times. Know the size of any inbuilt appliances before hand.
    Isolate services, ie gas
    Gut existing kitchen.
    Plumber - move gas/water if required.
    Move/install power outlets if needed.
    Patch walls
    Kitchen supplier does a final measure. (Sometimes can be done earlier to reduce delays if not re-sheeting walls)
    Supplier or yourself install cabinets and cuts benchtop to suit sink/hotplate etc.
    Plumber returns- hookup.
    Install tiles/splashback.
    Fit off electrical.
    Paint walls.
    Install floor coverings.

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