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Water collecting in spa airlines

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    Default Water collecting in spa airlines

    G'day folks,

    I purchased an 1800mm long rectangular ex display spa from a closing down spa shop. All the jets, air button and air control were fitted but no jet or air pipes/tubes. I have installed the missing bits and just tested my work by filling up the spa and connecting the pump. All seems to work fine without leaks. I'm just a bit concerned that when the air control is off water collects in the clear plastic air tubing. As soon as I turn the air on the water gets sucked out. Is this normal?



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    i worked in the pool industry for a number of years, priamrily to find leaks. i rarely if ever, worked on fibreglass spas but the primary functions and physics would be the same. i am assuming that the air jets are in the floor or at least below normal water level. As water will always find its own level, this means that any holes in the side/bottom will be filled, this includes air tubes. (it was not uncommon to find a leak in a spa to be in the airtube, which was usually below water level). When turned on, the air pressure will force the water out of the tubes, rather than it being sucked out. So in answer to your question, yes i would say it would be normal to have water in your air tubes while the unit is turned off.

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