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what can i use as an access panel for my new spa bath

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    Lightbulb what can i use as an access panel for my new spa bath

    what can i use as an access panel for my new spa bath

    the opening must be 450mm by 450 mm minimum

    1. should i just get some stainless steel and make a removable cover on one end of the HOB

    2. are there any products which i can purchase which are used as access panels for this purpose

    still trying to decide what to do about it?????

    you guys got any good ideas for me....

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    You can buy pre-fab ones, try your local plasterboard suppler

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    Is the pump motor underneath the spa or beside it? At a previous place where the pump was enclosed beside the spa I made the pump enclosure a seat with a lift off lid. It was very handy to have somewhere to sit and put toels and clothes.

    Even if the pump is under the lip of your spa (and it suits the layout) you could make a similar seat arrangement and leave the side access open from the seat.

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