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    Gday all,

    Thought i'd introduce myself.

    As name says I'm a young tin lid at age 26 (at least I think I'm relatively young) who just recently bought myself my first home and looking to do a few things to it to make it that much nicer and modern. Been lucky with bathrooms and kitchens renovated this side of the millenium but she still needs a bit of work with straightening doors, fixing up the kitchen with new fittings and cabinets, fixing up a few rotting windows, redoing the butched backyard (big job) and a nice deck to sit outside and have a coldie with the missus on.

    I'm a fairly handy kind of guy who was always helping the old man fix up some of the @@@@@@@@@ old properties used to buy and renovate. Plus did some labouring for about 3 months on a job site before I went off to uni to pursue a different course of career.

    I'll be floating around here checking out threads and maybe asking a question or two of my own. From what I've read so far you are all very helpful!

    Righto - speak soon.


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