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    When searching / researching info for some damp proof material i came across this site, read a few posts which were quite informative so i decided to join. Whilst signing up i was prompted for a user name thinking hard the one i selected as this is usually the first thing that crosses my mind when i attack a new portion of the house (WHAT HAVE I DONE? ), it is a 130 year old Weather Board Cottage that has had very little work done to it during it's life. Most of my friends have one of those 1/4 Acre House on a 1/4 acre block type of home, and they can not understand why i have bought such an old wreck, well thatís real simple CHARACTER. The Frame is made from Spotted Gum the floor is Ironbark and the Weather boards are Ironbark also with as you guessed a Tin Roof.

    I Didn't know where to start so i said right FRONT FENCE then ALL THE WAY BACK.

    I will be posting soon as i am going to start to source materials for all the projects and i want to know where to locate all the materials and suitable alternatives as i do wish to keep all the original character of the house or should is HOME.

    regards Whathaveidone

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    Welcome WHID I'm sure you will get lots of help and advice here. My first bit of advice would be to find your local or nearest recycle yard and make good friends with them, the next would be to buy a big box of bandaids because with all that hard hardwood you are going to bend a lot of nails and hit a lot of thumbs. Have fun, remember to enjoy the journey.
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