Hi All,

I am 55 years of age and done very little renovation work until I moved from the city to the country - a little place called Michelago in NSW just outside Canberra. Its the gateway to the Snowy Mountains and totally, as yet, undeveloped.

I moved here in 2015 to open my own dog boarding kennels, which I had built from the ground up to my own design. I didn't actually do much work on it myself, but that's where I started doing things for myself. Tradies were too expensive to call out from Canberra so much of the work I needed doing I had to learn myself.

My first major job was framing out my carport to turn it into a garage. I did the framing quite easily, even the widows and doors bought secondhand, but the colorbond sheeting was a little beyond me. Its mostly waterproof, unless rain comes from the south east. It doesn't much, but when it does........!!

My second job was knocking a wall down in my house and putting in a closet to an extra room and extending the pantry to make it a large walk-in one. Both jobs went really well and both used daily as intended so it has been great for my experience and confidence. One day I'll even paint the pantry!

Since then I've put in the front fence and gate to the property, built fences for the sheep and alpacas, built a chook shed, built a two bay stable (which doesn't leak!) and various other jobs that have led up to my next project - a wooden pergola. That's going to be a struggle for various reasons, but mostly because different areas will require different pitches to the roof.

All of my projects so far have benefited from people on this Forum who have have offered their advice and experience to others, which has been invaluable to me. I hope to add my two-bob's worth where relevant.

Anyway, it ;s nice to digitally meet you all.