Hello everyone -

First time posters after lurking here a while! A huge thanks already for the posts and advice that have guided and saved us!

A month ago we picked up the keys on our fixer-upper, and spending every weekend demolishing and rebuilding so that we can move in to what we hope will be our forever home. This poor place has been an unmaintained rental, so there’s been a lot of cleanup, some dodgy fixes (the bathroom tiling job was a riot!!) and we are learning a LOT very quickly! Our budget is tiny so we’re DIY-ing everything we can, and so the internet - this forum, YouTube and the like - are simply invaluable!

In the last month, we’ve managed to demolish the bathroom, remove all fittings (collapsing built-in-robes), remove carpets, lift most of the tiled living area, remove a patio that had prevented gutter cleaning for 20 years and caused water damage on the eaves, cleaned the gutters, fixed broken tiles with ‘duct tape’, , removed the hearth, fireplace and chimney to reveal a mouldy hole in the ceiling, replaced the entry doors with actual entry doors, removed all internal doors, and started peeling the paint off the walls to reveal the never-primed plaster! To go is the full bathroom reno (DIY except plumbing and sparky), kitchen reno, loads of wall patching and fixing, ceiling fixing, lift up glue from floors and treat the concrete for mould, then paint everything, fit it out, and move in. We were hoping by Christmas…

It’s great to be here and sharing this crazy journey with you all. Looking forward to reading more of your stories!

Cheers, K&B