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    Cool Hi from Queensland

    Am just about to start renovating kitchen, bathroom, floors. My list is growing. I actually found your site because I'm trying to work out whether I can use my extremely beautiful indoor wooden dining setting in an outside setting. It will be undercover but is exposed to some elements such as heavy fogs will make it wet and if we have a storm the rain may blow in, and some sun but not a lot. Is there anything I need to put on the timber, ie wax, oil etc to help protect it from the elements or is it recommended not to put it outside. Any help would be good. Thanks.

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    Well, the gold standard for protecting against the elements would be:

    Take it back to bare timber and (preferably) individual parts, coat all surfaces with 3-4 coats of marine epoxy, reassemble, then two coats of polyurethane to protect the epoxy from UV, and reapply the polyurethane every few years as needed.
    DIY electrical house wiring details suitable for Australia - http://goo.gl/9d33T (PDF file)

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