New to renovating, repairing and renovating whole house

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    Default New to renovating, repairing and renovating whole house

    Hi everyone,

    my name's Jane, I'm 20 and I'm currently studying science and engineering at uni. My mother passed away recently, and as a consequence, I've now got the responsibility of restoring the whole house. It's not really in a livable condition at the moment (needs a whole new kitchen, bathroom, roof repairs, structural repairs, new floors, repainting, landscaping, new fencing, possibly needs to be restumped, needs weatherboards replaced, and many other smaller and larger things done). I hope to get a lot of ideas and help from this forum!

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    G'day Jane, welcome to the forum.

    Firstly, sorry to hear of your loss, but you are amongst friends here.

    I see you have another post in already so that's a good start, any other questions, just ask!
    Have Fun,
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