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    G'day to the dusty & tormented,

    yep been living the dream/nightmare for quite a few tears now. have a 1918 vintage double brick house, rendered inside. was in a very poor state the render was falling off but I fixed that problem by gyprocking the whole place, yes it sounds dodgy but believe me when you do it right it's wonderfull.

    spent ages trying to fix it only to have it crack out somewhere else, very stable now

    As the place had large eveything except kitchen, laundry bathroom ect I threw 35 thousand bricks at it then rendered the bugger Oh I might mention the verandah 3m wide x 2 sides all brick & concrete.

    Inside well the wife wanted daddo boards all the way through I polished 6m boards individually , cut them to size then the install. built a 4.2 x 10m kitchen.

    I feel I am just up to putting the jewels on at the moment finishing off the windows, polished on the inside & paint on the out & reglazing everything with 5mm glass, yes overkill but knocks the noise down a treat & well I would imagine help with insulation.

    only prob with the 5mm is the sash windows weights, am working on that issue at the moment . People are pulling up & taking photos so I feel its coming together.

    Cheers John

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    G'day paintstripper

    I'm your OFG....Official Forum Greeter to give me my official title.

    I hope our forum can make it easier for you.

    So for a start...if you scroll down the page and select a forum, you can ask your questions in the most appropriate area.

    Anyway, welcome to the world of Renovation.
    Have Fun,
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