Tiled shower flooring ?

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    Default Tiled shower flooring ?

    Hey boys
    good work with all the help ya give out..

    now i hoping some one here here can answer a quick question for me I'm redoing my bathroom room on a double story and I'm putting in a tiled shower I have cut my joist down an added extra ones but the only thing I'm curious about is do I have to have screed to create the fall ? I'm using a linear grate so it's only falling in one direction so I was hoping I could just use scyon flooring and put the full on the joist so then I won't need screed is this possible?

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    Draperhys, second story ? Tiled base ? I have found that things move and I prefer to put in a solid pre formed base with tiled walls. No corners and no leak. Just my experience from having a couple of rentals in the GC where there have been numerous shower base “repairs” until we put in a solid base. My 2 bobs worth.

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