Changes To Timber Framing Code in May 2011

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    Default Changes To Timber Framing Code in May 2011

    There are some changes to the timber framing code coming through in May 2011. Scanned the info briefly the other day and the main standout was to roof trusses. Basically any truss that is holding more than 25m2 of roof area will require additional design loads applied.

    The jury is still out on whether this will be for just girder trusses carrying more than 25m2 or standard trusses that happen to be carrying more than 25m2 in the event of failure.

    Lintels and concentrated load stud designs will be affected by these changes and possibly standard studs and top plates. This means if you have any software from Hyne, Dindas, Tilling and the like you will need to be ready to update. A few of the industry design packages will not be getting updated and will no longer be valid after the changes come through.

    A lot of this change and future change is being driven from the coroner's report into the Riverside Golf Club collapse.

    I'll post more when it's available.


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    Geeeeze - and I haven't even gotten a dodgy copy of the 2010 version of 1684 yet!!!!
    DIY electrical wiring to AS/NZS3000 - details here - (PDF file)

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