Want a free renovation? New TV renovation show!

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    Default Want a free renovation? New TV renovation show!

    Hi all!!

    I am a Casting Producer for an exciting new TV renovation show and I would love to hear from people who might want to be involved!

    We’re looking for people who own a home that’s in dire need of renovation (essentially a renovator's delight) - who also have the desire to roll their sleeves up and do the renovating themselves. If they get selected for the show, we’ll cover the complete renovation costs and there’s a big cash prize up for grabs. We’re not looking for experts – just vibrant personalities with a little know-how and a strong idea on how they want their dream home.

    We are looking for people who:

    • Own and live in a house in need of entire renovation
    • Are at least 18 years of age
    • Are full of energy and keen to renovate
    • Have a close relative or friend to team up with and help with the renovations
    • Have some building, renovating or design experience
    • Can be available for a filming period of up to 14 weeks

    You can apply for the show online at Renovate or Bust

    It’s the perfect opportunity for someone who has a property crying out for attention, loads of ideas and a passion for renovating but no money to start the job! If you have questions before you’d like to apply, please email me at tvrenovation@gmail.com




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    I wish you had asked this question 12 months ago.

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    Default We never win anything

    But email sent anyway LOL

    Could be a hell of a giggle, every third word out of Ceciles mouth is a pun> or worse LOL

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    Default New Renovation Show is for Channel 7

    Hi all

    I can now reveal that this new renovation show is for Channel 7!

    Regular Aussies with reno aspirations will compete as they undergo major home renovations. Contestants will put their homes on the line and their skills to the test in a fight for renovation supremacy and a life-changing prize!

    If you would like any further information regarding the show, please contact me nclong@seven.com.au



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    Renovation Footie!

    You, your partner, members of a randomly selected professional football team (representing all four major codes in Oz) and some eccentric designer will compete against other similarly equipped tools to see who still enjoys (or is even capable of) living in their own entirely renovated (or rebuilt) home at the end of the series...which will be shot within a two week renovation 'window' because the deadline is tight and the production budget even tighter.

    ...sounds bloody marvellous.

    Since when was renovation a sport?
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