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    Default Cool musical instrument

    Check out this cool clip. It's meant to be an invented musical instrument made of tractor parts and stuff. Apparently it's a hoax but it's still really awesome anyway.

    Extraordinaire Instrument de musique Extraordinary Music Instr - Video

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    Quote Originally Posted by shauck View Post
    Apparently it's a hoax but it's still really awesome anyway.

    This is a clip removed from the context of its original source and sent winging around the Internet accompanied by a fictitious
    explanation of its origins. The device depicted in this video does not exist, at the University of Iowa or anywhere else.
    It's an example of a computer-animated music video, this one entitled "Pipe Dream" and taken from one of several similar segments
    on a DVD produced by Animusic.


    There is also a real time animated version of this instrument used as an ATI graphics card demo where the user can move around the instrument as it plays, Also very cool.

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    that is so cool, there is no way it could have been real though lol just makes you want to dance

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