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Network Attached Storage - Seagate Central 4TB

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    Question Network Attached Storage - Seagate Central 4TB


    To any ITexperts out there familiar with Seagate storage devicesÖ

    Can anyonetell me the full use of the USB port on the rear of the Seagate Central networkHDD?

    Iíve readsome negative reviews on this port and I do have some fundamental questionsabout its use but have not found the answer to date:

    Iíveread that the port can be used to expand the capacity, so does that mean thatfiles from a pc can be backed up direct to the expansion HDD?
    Canany HDD be used for the expansion port? Will that HDD still have read and writeaccess?
    Is it possible to back-up/copy across files from the centraldrive onto the expansion drive HDD?
    Can these files be backed up using the Seagate dashboard or through windowsexplorer (manually)?

    Folder Structures
    Can sub-folders be created under the 'public folder' on the central to storeyour data as per each individuals requirements?

    Any help is appreciated

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    Most of these NAS's run on Linix. You can certainly attach an external drive to a NAS. some of them require you to mount it manually using their web access, while other will mount a new drive automatically.
    Once mounted, they can be connected to your PC through the "Map network drive" menu and then it is just another network drive.
    I don't know if seagate have a backup or raid utility though.

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    Default Network Attached Storage - Seagate Central 4TB


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