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    Default Air Vents

    Where do you get these? The metal things that direct air flow from the floor.

    Should I re-paint the old ones, or are the relatively cheap enough to just get a new set?

    Are they pre-sized or do they get made to fit?

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    If the boots (the rectangular adapter inside the hole that the duct clamps to) are the std. one-piece plastic fittings they're a standardised size (10x30cm from memory) and you can buy replacements at most Bunnies. I believe they even sell fancy "polished brass" jobs... but they're probably just plated.

    If the boots are metal they may be custom fitted. Probably not, unless there were special circumstances. Still, I'd either measure it or take an existing floor grille to Bunnies for comparison before spending any $$$.

    There are also dedicated heating/air-con joints (usually low-profile factories on industrial estates... I'd be wary of any with big, flashy storefronts ) but unless you're in the trade or are buying bulk they tend to be a bit exxy for individual components. May be worth pricing around through the Yellow Pages though.
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    was there a pic in this posting - I can't quite grasp what you are referring to ...... do you mean ducted heating vents?
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    If you mean ducted heating/airconditioning vents, probably the best place to get them would be from an air conditioning supply company.
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