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Aircon for 1930's Art Deco Unit

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    Default Aircon for 1930's Art Deco Unit

    I'm looking at buying a 3-bed unit (125 Sq M) which is on the top floor of an Art-Deco block in Sydney. While I am sure it will get the benefit of any breeze I'm also sure it will be bloody hot in summer and cool in winter.

    It has original ornate plaster ceilings in all rooms which I want to restore/retain and their is a pitched roof above which should provide space for ducting (I'm waiting for a building survey to find out).

    An article from the USA recommended high-velocity aircon systems for old buildings since the ducts are only 2" and the vents around 5" which is better aesthetically.

    Does anyone know if such systems are available here?



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    Some one in Australia sells this system


    They had it on display at ARBS but I can't recall who it was

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