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Any advice on Built-ins?

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    Default Any advice on Built-ins?

    thats built-in cupboards in the bedrooms.

    Im planning on making my own with the guidance of a carpenter mate.

    Any tips or ideas on storage space, what kind of shelves/baskets, sliding doors, hanging space , general design, materials, cost


    hit meh!

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    There are these great systems, I think they're made by a company called Blum and you may even find a replica at Howards Storage. It allows you to use the entire height up to your ceiling for storage. Rather than putting shelves up top (whereby you need a ladder) you can put hangers up top instead. The beauty is the hangers can be lowered down to the ground when you need your favourite shirt and then pushed back up again. All your shelving and drawers and down low and hangers up high.
    I think its a great system. It allows full use of your space from top to bottom. Your wife will love it.

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    Search the site - there are plenty of threads on this already.

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