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Best way to mount aircon

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    Default Best way to mount aircon


    I've purchased the wall/window unit for the shed

    I plan to purchase a couple of 400mm brackets, attach them to the outside of the shed. get about 18mm thick ext ply as a board and away I go....

    The question I have is.....what type of fastners are best to connect the brackets to the colorbond shed?


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    With that sort of weight I would consider a stand for the air-con not brackets

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    Im with Ashore on this one.

    If your colour bond shed is anything like mine I would be very reluctant to hang a weighty A/C on wall brackets attached to the iron. While my columns are OK the girts are very light C section strengthened by the wall sheeting.

    Perhaps a galv steel framework/legs from the ground?

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    You can do it, Put two heavy gage 100mm "C" purlins from top to bottom, and the width of the RAC housing box. Use brackets etc to fix off top and bottom as well as tek screw the sheeting from the outside.
    Just the same as any other studs.
    Cut out the size cladding for the box and screw it into the purlins on each side, Dont forget to give it a little fall back for dranage.
    And some brackets under in line with the purlins and use a length of hardwood on top of the brackets to suport the RAC box(as the brackets will be spaced too far apart).
    seal around the edges and slide that ol ratler in, easy.
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