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Brivis buffalo 20 clicking noise

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    Default Brivis buffalo 20 clicking noise

    Hey guys

    I have a brivis buffalo 20 ducted heating system. MPLS MN 55422 We recently replaced the thermostat inside the house which got the unit up and running intermittently but now does not seem to be working at all.

    At the main unit outside the house i can hear it clicking. upon inspection inside i can see a pilot lighting with a flame bursting but does not look as though it is igniting.

    I have power cycled the unit which sounds as though it boots up and the indicator light flashes a few times then goes off but i don't think the unit is ticking over was wondering if anyone has any immediate thoughts on what could be the problem i have attached some photos.img_0821.jpgimg_0822.jpgimg_0823.jpgimg_0824.jpgimg_0827.jpg

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    Any luck on fixing it? If so how?

    Seem to have same problem.


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