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I have a He30i and I have worked on it all day. Turns out that I have serious circuit board track corrosion in the 14100 N-G1/Lo controller. My unit was intermittant with the fan turning on and off at random times.
The +17V track from Pin10 on J16 (that is the 'Lo' controller end of J11 in the N-G1/Hi unit) was mostly open circuit. I had to desolder the J16 connector housing to get access under the connector to clean out the corrosion. With some tenacity and calmness I was able to restore the connections and clean the board. Not sure where the corrosion came from, but I think it is due to un-cleaned flux residue under the J16 connector.
I also replaced a leaking C7 (and its neighbout C30). C7 is a low leakage capacitor and was a different colour than all the others on my circuit board. Tracks under C7 were also corroded (probably due to the leaking cap).