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Brivis He30i starts intermittently failing when cold snap hits

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    Default Brivis He30i starts intermittently failing when cold snap hits

    Hi all,

    I discovered this excellent forum in the last couple of days after our Brivis He30i XA started intermittently failing on the day this latest cold snap hit the Southern Highlands of NSW.

    I'm hoping to get some insight/experience as to how to proceed with the diagnosis & repair, preferably doing it myself.

    Some background:

    We had this unit installed in 2008, and have had a pretty good run with it thus far (had a problem with a leaking condensate drainage pipe and a zone damper motor failure). It's installed in the upstairs roof space. We have two NC-6 controllers and two zones (upstairs & downstairs). I have replaced one of the controllers which failed some years ago.

    The other morning when the cold snap hit we could feel it - inside! The controllers run in auto mode, but I've set it not to heat during the "sleep" period (which is the default anyway). The flame and fan symbols were flashing on and off, but the fan not running (and the fan symbol not rotating either, which would make sense if it's not actually running).

    The controllers were showing what the rooms felt like (12 degrees uptairs, 10 degrees downstairs), and the set temperature of 20, but no heat was forthcoming in either zone. Every minute or so, an error scrolls across the top of the controller:

    "Heater Busy - H01 code#45"

    Of course this error number is not documented at all in the owner's manual.

    I did manage to find elsewhere and confirmed on this forum that that error code (LOW24VOLT) means the 24VAC power supply is low, which I presume would be coming from the NG-1/Hi module (also gleaned from this forum).

    However, on inspecting the N-G1/Lo module I'm not seeing LOW24VOLT on the display, but DATA_Err (error code 32), which indicates a malfunction or failure of the N-G1/Lo module itself. Something's not happy.

    I took both controllers off the wall plates and measured the voltage across the wires coming from the N-G1/Lo and it was about 15.7V. With one controller installed it was just under 15V. From what I've read they seem like reasonable values.

    In the mornings after the last few particularly cold nights (at least for here, getting close to zero), the heater doesn't start up in the 'wake" period (as described above). The weird thing is, since the problem started occurring the system seems over the last few sunny days to come back to life, apparently correctly, somewhere between 12 & 1pm, and continues heating until the "sleep" period. This has occurred consistently over at least the last three days.

    The consistency of when the system starts working and the fact that it's in the (concrete tiled) roof space makes me wonder if it the problem is temperature related, and that a bad solder joint or similar could be the culprit (making or breaking as the temperature goes above or below a certain point).

    If anyone has had any experience with a problem of this nature or any pointers for going about diagnosing and fixing it efficiently I'd love to hear from you!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not familiar with Brivis HE30i. I have HE5 same problem.

    Age suggests checking resistance of Hot Surface Igniter (HSI) - should be within spec, perhaps 40 to 100 ohms - look up spec for replacement or equivalent. Requires opening unit, disconnect HSI and measure resistance.

    Remove flue cap and see if flicking fan with screwdriver or similar causes fan to spin freely - bearings might be corroded.

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    Thanks for the tip.

    As it turns out we managed to get a hold of a used (but working) N-G1/Lo module, replaced ours with it, and the system is working perfectly again.

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