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Ducted AC Issue, Help!

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    Exclamation Ducted AC Issue, Help!

    If someone can provide some advice/pointers, that would be much appreciated.

    My ducted AC (5 outlet), and there is a normal light switch that has 'Bedroom' and 'Living', depending which is on, there will be air coming out of the outlets (3 in Bedroom, and 2 in Living). I had my it serviced recently, the service technician said everything was fine (including the refrigerant levels) as I said it wasn't cooling properly, as sometimes normal air was coming outta the outlet (non cold, even though it was set to COOL at around 23c). Today I tested the AC, regardless of what fan speed I set on the control panel (H, M, L), the air speed remains the same. I tried switching the 'Living' switch to the ON position, but no air is coming out from there..only in the bedroom (this is set to ON as well).

    What is going on? The outside temp currently is not even that hot, and the AC has not been turned on until tonight (9PM).

    Image of control panel: Click here

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    for a start it sounds like the zone motors nay be stuffed. Cant really say much more about the unit itself, would neen more info.

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    Sounds like there is a problem with the zones as mentioned above, even tho they are on mech's they could still be 24v, if they are it's easy enough to change a motor yourself, if they are 240v while it's still easy, you know the rules.

    Looking at the touchpad it's impossible to tell the type of zone motors, the touchpad looks the same as the touchpads of the ducteds that come from the Unico factory in Thailand have.

    If you can get a picture of the zone motors then I can help you more.

    Also remember that most companies that sell zone motor in Australia give them a 5 year warantee, but this doesn't normally include labour.

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    If you have a helper, and are able to get up in the roof to check, you could check to see if the motorised duct motors are operating.

    Be careful. A lot of duct motors are 240v!

    If you get up there, you should easily identify the duct motors and which serves each area of the house. By the look of it, you will probably have only 2. Easy to recognise, as they are a section of duct with wires running to it, usually with a raised motor on a shaft.

    Park yourself beside one of them, have the unit on and get the helper to switch that zone. You don't need to touch, just look - watch the spindle below the motor - you should see it turn.


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    Thanks a lot fellas. I will try and get up there and get a picture taken. I also noticed that there is more water being drained out than normal. The bucket seems to fill up after 1 night use of the AC, usually it would take days. The brand of the compressor is 'ARENA'. It was installed around 2005 possibly? How much does it cost for a new zone motor anyways?

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