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Ducted Evap Aircon - Which brand? Which Installer?

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    Default Ducted Evap Aircon - Which brand? Which Installer?

    Fellow Reno-phites,

    I plan to install a ducted evap aircon system for my house in Perth. Wanted to know if anyone had any experience, good or bad with any of the leading brands (Coolbreeze, Breezeair, Braemar etc) in terms of quality, noise, controller etc.

    If anyone could recommend an installer here in Perth? Happy to go with a operator/owner installer rather than just the big boys!

    Thanks in anticipation

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    we had a Bonaire system put in a year years ago, one of our better decisions

    as for an installer, I am sure the mob we used would be happy to travel to Perth as long as you paid the expenses

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    We went with the Cool Breeze at the start of last summer from "Hearth House". It replaced an evap system that was about twelve years old. Perfectly happy with the unit so far and the installers were good too.

    I did a heap of research on the different brands before choosing the Cool Breeze and it rated well in reviews etc. They are manufactured here in Perth.

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