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Hydronic Heating - some ?s

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    Default Hydronic Heating - some ?s

    Hi all,

    I was hoping someone could give me a little info on hydronic wall panels (not floor heating). We would like to use it in our soon to be renovated house.

    Firstly, is it all it is cracked up to be? The house is 3 bed, study, laundry, 2 bath and a large kitch/living/dining. Any idea of cost? I can't find any info on line (although I do know it is $$$). Also has anyone used someone in Melbourne that they care to recommend


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    G'day Beth,
    I'm amazed that they've given this heating system an up-marked name.
    Might not be real good with kids around, but not much is now.

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    I have got Hydronic heating it works very well quick dry heat no fans blowing dust about and cheap to run. The temp of the radiators can be set so burning your children is not a problem.
    but they are expensive to install. I was led to believe you should estimate between 1000 and 1500 per room.
    mine cost about 10,000 but my boiler is a combination so it gives me instant hot water too.
    One of the down sides is the rads have to be installed on a wall limiting your furnishing options.
    There are many installers I got mine done by a mob called B.M.S. from Yarraville. They were pretty good

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    We had hydronic panels (ie radiators) fired by an oil boiler in Boston, USA. Excellent dry heat, warmed house in about ten minutes, panels very warm - not burning hot, but must allow airflow around panels so furniture placement is restricted.

    Hydronic panels linked to a heat pump are very efficient (efficiency factor 4+ ) but I have not seen them in Australia.



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    Default Radiators

    Radiators are the norm in cold climate Europe. The panels are usually best situated under windows to allow for better airflow from convection. Each panel is thermostatically controlled, with one panel being 'open' all the time to allow the pump to actually pump in a circuit. Its best also to have reflective foil behind each radiator panel to stop it heating the wall. They are very reliable, usually only the pump will eventually give up (after many years). The combi boiler would be the way to go. Usually about the size of a single wall kitchen cupboard. Installed inside. Most poms seem to have them in there kitchen. They do tend to waste a bit of water as you wait for the boiler to fire up.
    I've no idea how any of this equates to Australia. They work very well. heating the room in about ten minutes as previously stated, they do tend to overheat the house I always found could be -4 outside and your in the house with shorts on. But then the houses over there are double glazed well insulated dbl brick. Not a drafty old weatherboard. You might find that if you upped your insulation in the walls floor ceiling and got double glazing a lesser heater would cope OK, as its not that cold here in Melbourne really.

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