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Improving gas fire efficiency

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    Default Improving gas fire efficiency

    ok, with winter approaching and some not so subtle hinting from the other half I went out and bought a gas fire. Now I'm normally a pretty practical and level headed guy but I succummed to form over function this time and picked the gas fire with the attractive flame over the one with the greater heat output (at least it was cheaper!).
    I'm now in the process of installing it and want to try and improve its efficiency. The fire itself is an insert that sits in a grate in a cast iron fascia. I have trial fitted the cast iron fascia to the chimney and its all good but I noticed a large gap between the fascia and the back of the chimney. I figure I'm going to lose heat straight up the chimney so I thought about packing behind the fascia with insulation. I spoke with bradfords and they said they don't have any products that would suit.
    Does anyone have some experience or suggestions? What I basically want to do is to reflect the heat back into the room, rather than wasting it up the chimney....


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    Can I assume that you are going to use good smoke tight steel flue in a good clean chimney and that the chimney is capped ??

    I did this once before with a wood fire and cannot comment on its efficiency with gas BUT

    expose the brick chimney inside the house and knock out a few bricks to insert a decorative grill at the lowest point possible; this to allow cool room air to enter the chimney space, as high on the wall as possible knock out some more bricks and insert a second decorative grill, this should allow air to be warmed by the waste heat from the flue and and the chimney is a huge heat-sink /thermal mass.

    I warn you to double check with experts and not to weaken the chimney structure etc etc.

    I will be doing this here if I can persuade SWMBO to let me make a feature wall and add some more bricks

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