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Mitsubishi G-Line/G-Inverter pipe cold no cold air

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    Default Mitsubishi G-Line/G-Inverter pipe cold no cold air

    Hi AC specialists and people in the know,
    I have a 2.5kW Mitsubishi Intervetor split unit which is giving me trouble. Outside, compressor is running and gas line is cold. So cold in fact that it was white with a small layer of ice on the valve. However, indoor unit, no cold air what so ever. I tried turning it off for an hour this morning and trying it again, no such luck. There are no reports of any problems on the system to my knowledge.
    Can anyone give me any clues as to what I can do before calling a technician out?
    Just for your knowledge, I place my hand around the gas line running into the indoor unit and coudl feel it was cold, I touched part of the cooling element under the filters and I could feel that elements on the top right were cool....but the rest are room temp. I haven't tried running the heating part of it...maybe a valve is jammed?
    Please let me know what I can do?

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    probably best to call a tech so they can put gauges on it it sounds like it could be short of gas. which pipe outside had ice on it was it the smaller pipe or the larger one ? i don't think there is much you personally can do to fix it.

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