Last week I had a new Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 7.1kw heating and cooling inverter split system installed. The install cost was $800 and seemed on par considering I needed some on site support brackets welded up and welded to my lower story posts to support the compressor.

The prices I found on these inverter units were:

MHI 7.1kw heating and cooling - $1488inc gst
Fujitsu 7.1 cooling only - $1500inc gst
Panasonic 7.1 cooling only - $1500inc gst

I went with the MHI unit as it has a timer on and timer off and a sleep timer which is something I like. It is whisper quiet on ultra low mode inside. The external compressor is unbelievably quiet. The specs quote 57dB for the compressor but it is much lower than that. So far I'm very happy with it's function.

I thought these prices might help someone else.