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Are there any decent 'Aircell' alternatives for shed insulation?

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    Default Are there any decent 'Aircell' alternatives for shed insulation?

    Hi all,

    I'm in the process of getting a 7x7x2.7 shed in shale grey Colorbond built in my backyard in Western Victoria.
    I was planning to install Kingspan 'Insulshed 50' insulation at least under the roof, but have come across a similar product called 'Radiantshield Plus' sold by Solavis out of Melbourne.
    The Radiantshield product is $165/30m roll, while the Insulshed is about $280/30m roll.
    While the cheaper one has a 4mm thickness vs 5mm, the price difference would mean I could justify insulating the walls, as well as the roof.
    Has anyone had any experience with this product? It appears Solavis have been operating for over a decade, but internet searching doesn't come up with much - positive or negative.
    I'm keen to use it, but not if it's going to delaminate and fail in a couple of years.
    Also, are there any other worthy insulation options?


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    Roofing blanket - e.g. anticon.

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    Roof blanket something like this with foil back, not a paper'ish backing

    I also layed the wire mesh (first, then rolled out the roof blanket foil side facing the inside of the shed.
    Never had an issue with it as it foil back with the support of the wire mesh. Been up there for 8 years and stills looks as good as the day it was installed.

    The only time an issue has occurred is due to operator error, poking a hole in it with a rather tall ladder
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    Luckily its easily fixed with that special silver tape. Dont ask how I know

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