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Vulcan oil heater help needed!

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    Default Vulcan oil heater help needed!

    Hi, all. This is my first post on this site.
    I have an old Vulcan oil heater (pictured) which until a few weeks ago hadn't been used for about 15 years. Using advice I've read elsewhere on this forum, I've cleaned it up and it works once more - but it doesn't work very well. When I fired it up earlier today, it took seven or eight minutes before the oil ignited, which I gather is normal. But then, it took nearly an hour before it had warmed up sufficiently for the flame to spread all across the burner. Surely it's not meant to take that long?
    Also, even on high, the flame is quite low, and with the air turned up all the way is still smoky and yellow.
    I've never had an oil heater before, but relatives have, and I remember theirs burning with a higher, bluer flame, and the fire bricks glowing dull orange. Mine does not do this.
    It's currently running on a mixture of two parks kerosene to three parts diesel.
    What could be the cause of this? Or is it all normal?
    Any help would be much appreciated! Thankyou very much!
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    Hi Lucas
    the fuel mix will not produce the results you have described and shown in pic attached.
    when cleaning did you get o bottom of burner pot.
    the 10 minute to light is okay, the 60minutes to get flame to spread is not okay.

    fuel mix and dirty burner pot ar fist things to look at.



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    Hi Gramps. Thankyou for your reply. Iíd cleaned the burner pot already, but not as thoroughly as you showed in the picture. Iíve pulled it out again for a better clean. Proper heating oil is no longer available where I live. Elsewhere on this site Iíve seen suggestions for various fuel mixes - two parts kero to three parts diesel, 50/50 diesel/kero, 1/3 diesel and 2/3 kerosene, or straight diesel. What do you think would give the best results?

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