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What are my options other than split systems?

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    Default What are my options other than split systems?

    We are renovating and need to add a new heating and cooling system to a large portion of our house (lounge, dining & living room). We have a concrete slab and a flat roof. We dont really like the look of split systems but I think that's our cheapest option. Can anyone recommend other options and a heating and cooling company based in Melbourne?

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    Hi Slinky,
    Check out a company called SEAC. They're on (03) 5941 9414. I know the number isn't Melbourne metro but they work every day in Melbourne so no probs there. I have used them a lot in the past.
    There are other ways to go around AC systems for your home.
    You can install a small ducted system but you may not have enough roof cavity for ducts. Worth speaking to the pros about that.
    You could try a cassette type system which is one of those flush ceiling mount units. How about a simple old school wall AC...bit dated I agree and noisy too but definitely cheap and effective.
    I'm with you Slinky, I hate the look of split system units also. They're so bulky and overrated.

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    Cooling: Kelvinator window/wall air con.
    Heating: Mains gas (if you have it) hydronic central heating (hot water circulates through series of radiators in each room) + domestic hot water, with a combination (heat as you go) boiler. Its how most of Europe does their heating/hot water and it works.
    The downside is that because its not so well known here, it costs a lot more than over there.

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    I would hold off on any cooling and heating options until you have done all the passive things like insulation and shading.

    Split systems seem to work better for us, less obtrusive and much quieter and the flat roof is easy to shade and roof mounting the compressor may be easier option

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