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Broken Pipe inside Pool shell

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    Default Broken Pipe inside Pool shell

    I am renovating a pool that has a long standing leak. The leak has resulted from strain being placed on a pipe from a large palm tree a previous owner planted and also the pipe work designed to be supported by air!

    Unfortunatley the fracture in the pipe appears to be just inside the pool shell as I cannot visualise it front or back. I initially thought it was leaking around the pipe and tried to repair this (twice with 2 part epoxy underwater repair) but made no difference to the leak. Only after plugging the pipe from inside the pool does the leak stop.

    Short of draining the pool and core drilling the pipe out and then replacing, what are my options?????

    I thought about a close fit internal pipe glued into place with epoxy glue but I don't know if PVC pipe comes in 50mm outside diameter. I have heard of pipe rehabilitation guys but would like to do it myself.

    Any suggestions?
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    Default Pool fix

    I was in a shop this week and overheard a pool guy saying how he fixed a leak in one of his customers pools.

    The leak was a crack on the front of the skimmerbox. Easy fix you would think with some epoxy(ferrope or similar), however he thought it would be easier to put a float valve in the skimmer box, so when the leak had drained enough water it would refill itself. Now he went on to say that the leak was so constant that the customer had to leave a tap running slowley just to keep up.

    Can't wait to hear about her water bill.

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    Default re Broken Pipe inside Pool shell


    You could try pipe relining. We had it done for our sewer. Cannot see why the technology could not be applied to a broken pipe in the pool shell. Just google pipe relining. This one here shows some pics


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