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Earthenware Bath Waste Pipe

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    Default Earthenware Bath Waste Pipe

    Hi people,

    I have just removed our old steel bath to make way for a new one. Once i finally managed to get the old one out i was left with the colar of earthenware pipe at the surface with a 50mm steel pipe protruding about 10mm from the middle.

    I had to chip out the concrete around the steel pipe (concrete around steel pipe but inside colar of earthen ware pipe) in order to unscrew the remaining piece of the old waste. When i started to jack hammer out the concrete i discovered that the steel pipe was suspended in concrete down to where the earthen ware pipe reduces to its nominal size(about 100mm i think). By the way those Ozito hammer drills with the jack hammer feature are fantastic for small jobs.
    The concrete looks like it was poured onto a thin piece of metal to stop it dropping down into the pipe when poured.

    So getting to my question.

    What is the common practice to reset the waste in position. I have attached a few pics to show what the waste now looks like.

    Cheers and thanks

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    personally Reidy, I would throw villaboard up to the under lip of the bath around the studwork, waterproof the whole thing into the collar, fit the plug & waste in the new bath with a short 40mm pvc extension, cut a short bit of 100mm and sit in the collar, throw in the sand cement mix and drop the bath in. This way you have no worries if there ever is a leak under the bath, it has a drain to go down.

    Or you could just sit the path in and re cement the 40mm extension, then pack the bath cement bed in around that area, if its a fibreglass bath, if its pressed steel you could get away with leaving the cement out from around the plug & waste area.

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