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Filtered mains connection

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    Default Filtered mains connection

    Hi All,

    I am replacing most of the plumbing in our place at the moment and I have used ceramic mixers for just about everything.

    someone suggested I should look into filtering the water supply to our house so that grit does not end up in the mixers and damage them? I am wondering if this is something worth doing and what the downsides are. I assume there is some pressure loss?

    Reece quoted around $310 for a backwash filter that does not need replacement cartridges you just flush it routinely. It looks like an oversize water separating fuel filter.

    Any advice appreciated. Thanks

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    I wouldn't actually bother....especially with a flash harry backwashing filter that is unnecessary on a building supplied with treated mains drinking water.

    However, it'd be much cheaper (and just as effective) to use an Arkal disc filter or similar. Just use the smallest 80 micron disc filter in it. The 20mm size will be fine - cost about $40 from an irrigation supplier. Pull the filter every six months for a scrub and a quick but essential hit with bleach to kill the bugs.

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